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Reahil'ea Zeara - a history.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reahil'ea Zeara - a history. Reply with quote

Rea sits down in her quarters upon the Farragut for a much needed break from her duties. It has been a year since the crash of the Enterprise-D on Veridian III and Rea has remained aboard the Farragut, commissioned by Starfleet as one of two counselors. She has requested transfer to the new Enterprise-E where she may work beside her old friend, and figurative sister, Deanna Troi. Upon recieiving notification from Starfleet that she may spend one week on her home world Earth before her transfer takes place, she is allowed a 24 hour Ďleave of dutyí to prepare her records for transfer. Feeling the need to use the time as best she can, she decided to take time and grant a request. Reaís adoptive motherís seven months pregnant and she requested that Rea make a visual message the baby could see so sheíd always remember her Ďbig sisterí. Rea had tried several times to convince her mother that she could simply place the message into the subconscious of the babyís mind once born, but her mother had refused. So now Rea found herself sitting in the utter silence of her quarters holding a recording device.

Begin Holo-message.

Holo-message recording

The current Stardate is 48752.1. My name is Reahilíea Zeara, and hopefully you already know that Iím your big sister. Iím not sure how much mother and father have told you, but I feel it is only right that you should have the knowledge of who I am. She smiles and takes a deep breath. I was born in the year 2348 on the planet Betazed. I never knew my birth parents. My father, Thaeus Zeara, was killed in action during a peace treaty negotiation with Starfleet and the Ferengi two months before my mother brought me into the world. Iíve been told he was a great man, and an asset to the Betazoid race. My mother, Gialíea Zeara, was a well-respected woman on my world, and she was a good friend to Ambassador Lwaxana Troi. Unlike Earth, my home recognizes women as the more powerful gender, something I hope you will get to see in your lifetime little one. When my mother perished from complications of my birth, it was Lwaxana who offered to raise me. A brief moment of silence follows as Rea fights to keep control of her emotions. I had a wonderful childhood, due in large part to the help of Deanna Troi. She was 12 when her mother had brought me to live with them, she was a wonderful sister. During the 8 years I spent in the Troi household, I was exposed to the human culture through Deannaís father Ian, and after his death, it was stories told to me by Deanna when I couldnít sleep.

The year that Deanna made the decision to enter Starfleet Academy, I was 7. It was a proud and sad day for me when she left. I spent the next year on Betazed trying to convince my foster mother that it would be good for me to experience another cultureÖ more specifically, the human culture. She was furious the day I told her I wanted to live with a human family on Earth. She wasnít happy about it, but she didnít deny my request. She contacted some friends of her late husband, and on my eighth birthday, they came to visit us on Betazed, and a week later, they were my legal guardians. I knew even at that age, that a Betazoid in the human world could prove to be a problem. My new parents had been well briefed on the level of my talents, and made to understand that I had the capability to project thoughts into the minds of certain forms of life. I had a bit of a rough transition moving between the two cultures. For one, I didnít like the idea of a world ruled by men, but with time, I grew to accept that fact, just as the humans in my city grew to accept me, and my strange ways. I came to learn as a child that most animals were subject to my talents, and found that life was far more interesting that way. By the time I was 16, I took a part time job working in the city at a spaceport. I met many interesting beings while there and found that there were very few species that were immune to my ability to read their thoughts. I have discerned that the Vulcans, and Ullians are the hardest for me. I have no access to their thoughts, only random but strong emotional outputs. She shrugs and chuckles. Remind me sometime to tell you about that.

Moving on now. When I was 17, I applied to Starfleet, for the second time mind you. I still have no understanding as to why my first application was denied, but it was. So at 17 I began a four year program and followed in the footsteps of my foster sister Deanna. I decided on a major in Psychology, and a minor in weapons and combat. It was instilled by mother that every woman should learn to defend herself, so I spent four years studying the lessons. After graduation, I was offered a commission as a security officer, but turned it down because I felt I was not fully prepared for the duty. So I spent two years training in five forms of martial arts, learning to use every weapon I could fathom. I spent those two years training with the same being, and the day I defeated him during one of our spars, was the day he declared he had no more to teach me.

That same year I was extended an offer from Starfleet to assist with the rescue mission of the Enterprise-D. Iím sure theyíll teach you all about that in your history classes. I was able to work side by side with Deanna for a short time before the Enterprise crew was all re-assigned. It was at that time that I was offered a home here on the Faragut. For the last year Iíve been an acting counselor under the rank of Ensign. Itís not a glorious position, but itís just the start. Perhaps my story will inspire you to follow in my footsteps. For now, thatís the hope I have for you little one.

End recording.
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