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Personal Log - Stardate Unknown

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:46 pm    Post subject: Personal Log - Stardate Unknown Reply with quote

Personal Log- Stardate, Unknown at present.

I am unsure of where to start this log. I left home what feels like four hours ago, but so much has happened that I’m not sure just when, or where, I am. My shuttle from earth took off on schedule, but just after leaving the atmosphere of Earth, and entity who calls himself Q appeared. He informed me that I am of great interest to the Continuum due to the strength of my telepathic ability. He offered me a rare gift, to be gifted with the powers of the Q and join them. I had heard tales from members of the Enterprise-D regarding the lifeform known as Q and after a short moment of consideration, I turned the offer down.

Q was not pleased with my refusal of the offer, and informed me that the purpose of my birth had been to fulfill the offer from the Continuum. He seemed agitated by my refusal and told me that with my ‘talents’ I am unsuitable for the time I was living in. He said that Starfleet was unprepared for what I would become if I stayed on my current path, and so he ‘re-directed’ me… at least this is what he’s lead me to believe. I’ve been a guest at a Starfleet docking point for the last hour. It seems that the entity known as Q has processed my records to explain my disappearance over the last few decades, and he informed me that a visit by him would explain it to my family.
I wish I could explain further… but there is none.

Reahil’ea Out.

Personal Log- Supplemental

I have been a guest of the docking station for three days. I’ve come to understand that several decades have passed since I left the planet Earth. My family has been well aware of what my situation is, and I’ve heard tell that my little sister has joined the Starfleet Academy. It’s a strange feeling to know that so much time has passed, yet I remain untouched by it. I must find a way to learn more of Q and the Continuum… but how?

I have received instruction from Starfleet that there is a ship known as the USS Hartington that is dire need of someone like myself. I am to be commissioned out within the hour. The transport ship is awaiting my arrival in the docking bay. I have mixed emotions about this new venture. I am unsure how this crew will react to me. Perhaps my abilities will be more in the normal parameters now? I feel that even with that thought I know the truth… there will never be a ‘normal parameter’ for me.

Reahil’ea Out.
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