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Personal Log: acclimation

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:16 pm    Post subject: Personal Log: acclimation Reply with quote

Walking into her office for the first time since her arrival on board, she takes a look around at the plain yet equipped office. She had to smile at the idea of actually having an office for once... her last assignment she was seeing clients in her own quarters, which became rather annoying. As she sat at the desk in the corner of the office she saw a light flash on her console. Entering in her code, she brought up the waiting message.

"Counsellor, I may need your services sooner than expected." The voice of Uvek was sleep filled and strained. Nightmares. After their greeting in the conference room post meeting, she'd gotten a brief flood of information from his mind. He'd suffered serious nightmares that didn't ease his situation on this ship any. At least she knew what she was in for with him. It wouldn't be an easy job, but at least she felt her presence here was needed. It would be a wonderful change. Activating her console again, she started a new log entry.

Stardate: 53773.0

I have arrived none to soon on board the USS Hartington. There is much termoil to be sifted through here. The crew is loyal to each other and the Captain. It is at least a solid basis for where I need to start. Their rescue mission seems to have come across a hitch and I am still a bit in the dark over it all. Perhaps I will investigate the ship's records of the mission and familiarize myself with the event.

I have already been requested by two of the crew for appointments. One subject, P.O. Koester has been given an order to seek out my services. I have some history on the man provided by Deanna, which I am thankfull for. He will not be an easy client to handle.

Lt. Uvek is another matter. We had a brief introduction after the conference regarding the away team mission. I had forgotten that with the added gifts from Q, contact with a Romulan would not be a pleasant one for myself. I am still suffering the headache from the transfer of thoughts and emotions I recieved from him. The least Q could have done was grant me a way to filter that talent...

taking a deep breath she pauses a moment and continues.

Aside from that, the man suffers from terrible nightmares that plauge his sanity. I do not envy him his current status in life. I will not disclose more of my thoughts until after I've had a chance to speak with him, which will be sooner than I had planned. I had thought to be able to review the away team mission further, but first I am to balance out my schedule. Between Mr. Uvek and Mr. Koester, it leaves little time for me to review the Dominion war, which I am to discuss with our Cardassian guest. I know very little of this war, thanks in no great way to Q. Just another part of my history that I wish I could change.

I have had little time to settle myself into my new posting, but that is to be expected in my profession. For now, I must muddle my way through my affairs until I can become more comfortable with this crew and ship.


With a sigh she entered the code for Uvek's quarters.

"Lieutenant, I have an open day. I shall be in my office for the next several hours. If you have the time, you may come by."

With that message sent, she entered the code for Koester's quarters.

"Mr. Koester, I am setting an appointment for you in two days time please be sure to clear this with your superior."

Her pending appointment times offered, she set about reviewing files.

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