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An unwelcome visit

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:16 am    Post subject: An unwelcome visit Reply with quote

Stardate: 53775
Location: Counselor's office just after departure of Uvek.

Before she had a chance to speak he was walking out the door. She tried to follow him, but found herself suddenly dizzy and unable to stand. She had enough time to sit down in the chair at her desk, before the room went dark.

Standing in the middle of what felt like nowhere, she turned around trying to see something... anything...

Then a sound grabbed her attention, no not a sound... a feeling. She was being watched.

"Who's there?" she called into the darkness but recieved no reply. The feeling of unease grew within her until she could stand it no longer. "I know you're there! Please... answer me..."

the silence lingered until she felt she would scream.

you know who I am....

the voice echoed through the darkness and made her breath catch in her chest.

you know who I am...

as she heard the voice become clearer, she felt a relief and irratation swell within her.

"Q?" she asked with a confused irratation.

and it only took two tries

"Cut the theatrics Q..." she said loud and angry

Just then the darkness lifted and she found herself standing in her mother's garden back on Earth.

"this isn't real...." she said sadly

you are right. I could not risk actually transporting you off the ship. So I have transported your mind.

"Show yourself Q. I tire of these games." she said as she sat on the white iron bench near the most fragrent roses she ever remembered. A rustle of wind and Q made his presence known by appearing on the bench next to her. "Why are you here?"

"You continue to struggle with these beings. I see it with everyone that you talk to. Why do you still refuse our offer?"

"I have no desire to accept it. I enjoy my struggles."

"Why would one enjoy struggling? I find no logic in your way of thinking" he paused as he stood and crossed the garden. "I will admit that I am baffled by your constant refusal. This is not an offer we give lightly, yet you continue to refuse it. Why?"

"Because you continue to offer it. I just wish to live my life as normal as I can. Now would you please return me. I grow weary of your questions."

an irratated scowl crossed his face as he turned on his heal to stare at her. "You mock me. I do not appreciate it."

"Well I do not appreciate your constant interruptions of my lifespan. You cost me four years, and a portion of history that I now have to learn about through books and lost files!" she said with anger as she stood to cross toward him. "Now return me to my time!" she actually yelled at him. It was a bold move, but he was greatly starting to piss her off. For an ambivelent being, he wasn't very bright in her opinion.

"Very well..." he said in a calm and steady voice. "I will return you. I warn you though, someday I may not return with the offer."

"That day can't come soon enough..." she muttered.

With a hard scowl set in his features, Q reached out his hand and touched her forehead.

Just then she felt a rush of air into her lungs and she awoke in her office, sitting at her desk. She checked the time register and noticed that she had only lost 2 hours time. Good, at least he'd been kind enough to return her to the same day. It took a moment for the pain to set in her head, but when it did she felt like her skull may expand beyond the limitations of her body. When the pain subsided, she could feel a difference in her own body chemistry.

"Damn him..." she muttered as she realized he'd strengthed the graces of the Q in her mind. She blocked out the rest of her scheduele and made plans to spend some time in the holodeck, meditating until she could assess what she was working with... again.

"Someday I'll find a way to make that... thing... leave me alone..." she spoke through clenched teeth as she left her office and headed towards the holodeck.

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