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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:43 pm    Post subject: Interrogation Reply with quote

Dominion/Cardassian Detention Facility
Stardate 52056 (approx.)

Marek had been in this room for two days, his arms secured to the wall above his head. He had spent most of that time meditating, trying to put himself outside of his discomfort, his thirst, his fear. He looked up as he heard the door cycle. A Vorta flanked by two Jem'Hadar entered the room. The Vorta sat at the table in front of Marek, while the Jem'Hadar took their places on either side of Marek. The Vorta had a PADD like device in his hand, reading some report. The Vorta looked up at Marek,

"I am the Interrogator. You will answer my questions honestly and in a timely manner." The Vorta checked the PADD. "Please state your name for the record." Marek watched the Vorta impassively as he spoke.

"Marek, Commander, USS Valley Forge, NCC-43305." The Vorta gave a predatory smile.

"Who is your commanding officer?" Marek smiled at the Vorta.

"Marek, Commander, USS Valley Forge, NCC-43305." The Vorta nodded to one of the Jem'Hadar, who lifted a metallic rod and jammed it into Marek's ribs. He jerked as an electric current was sent through his body, causing involuntary spasms. Even in his calm meditative state, the pain was excrutiating. The Vorta raised his hand and the Jem'Hadar lowered the rod. Marek gasped, his head hanging loosely in front of him. The Vorta was still smiling as he spoke,

"That was the lowest setting, it will get worse. Maybe we should try an easier question, how many officers were on your vessel?"

"Marek, Commander, USS Valley Forge, NCC.aarrghh." Marek barely choked back the scream as the Jem'Hadar sent an even stronger shock through his body. Marek's body jerked uncontrollably for almost a minute before the Vorta motioned for the Jem'Hadar to stop.

"You Vulcans, you are all the same. You think your 'logic' will protect you, but in the end, you are just an animal, no better than this Jem'Hadar here." The Vorta folded his hands together, the same predatory smile on his face. "What ship is the task force commander using as a flagship?"

"Marek, Com..." Marek couldn't even scream, his jaws were locked from the current coursing through his body. It was hours before the Vorta left, but it was only the first of many visits....
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