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Making a team from a group

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:42 pm    Post subject: Making a team from a group Reply with quote

Uros sat behind his desk in his small office at the Janus Loop MACO training facility. On the screen on the computer in front of him were 23 photos with 23 names.

These 23 people had been training with him for the last 3 months. He had been told to make a team, 24 people himself included, for the Challenger. They had trained together, lived together, sweat together and bled together for 3 months. They had survived endless simulations on a NX class ship built in a JY-500 cargo ship. They had practiced EVA, piloting skills, rappelling, medical techniques, sharpshooting, and hand to hand combat ranging from Judo to Klingon fighting techniques. He had formed a group of 24 individuals into a team..a precision instrument that could apply force as needed..like a scalpel.

He reached his hand up and ran his finger over the new Oak leaf on his right shoulder. His promotion was so fresh his imagination could still feel the heat that was used to bond the patch to his uniform. With the promotion, an ultimatum - Cut the team down to 12 people (himself included) in 2 days and prepare to ship out.

12 MACOs...not enough. 24 had felt small to him, but to have to halve that number was ridiculous. This mandate was coming from Starfleet..who were they to dictate how he ran his command. He wasn't Starfleet, he was a MACO. But this Starfleet Captain and Starfleet brass had decided that 12 men would be enough to protect the ship. Stupid.

Now, he has to cull down his team. He has to remove pieces of his instrument, crippling it. Where to start?

Johnson..he accidentally shot a warp core in a run through early on in training...but he is now the best Medic on the team. T'Laar, the Vulcan sharpshooter, she didn't fit in..but her unflappable logic made her the best sniper he had ever seen. Everyone of these people had a place on his team.

He leaned back in his char and rubbed at the whiskers on his face. There was nothing to do about it...time to start making cuts.
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Joined: 20 Jun 2009
Posts: 780
Location: USS Hartington

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

6 hours had passed since Uros had begun his task...and in those 6 hours he had called in and dismissed 6 MACOs...6 of his team...6 members of his family. They all took the news in stride..."Starfleet has imposed restrictions."..."This isn't a reflection on your performance."..."I am recommending you for service on the Discovery or Atlantis." Hollow words, but his MACOs received them honorably. All had thanked him for the training and the opportunity and then left to say their farewells and pack their gear for transfer.

The knock at his door snapped him out of the general malaise this process had brought down around him. Meeting number seven.

A young (looking) Vulcan woman entered his office at his command and sat precisely in the chair in front of his desk. T'Laar...the out-lier in his team. The first Vulcan to serve with a MACO squad. Temporarily on loan from the Vulcan Defense Force...and the most formidable sniper he had ever had the pleasure of working with.

"T'Laar, thank you for joining me. I know you are normally meditating at this hour, but I'm afraid this meeting cannot wait. If you haven't already heard, Starfleet has imposed a hard limit on the MACO team for Challenger. I argued, but they insisted and this Captain Wells has the last call on his ship." He paused, expecting something from her but got nothing but a raised eyebrow. Typical for T'Laar...she liked to watch and listen before speaking. He continued, "This means I have to cut the team in half...leaving 11 open spots. I've already dismissed 6 of the team." Once again, a pause for response and all he got was a curt nod.

This woman was infuriating. Uros had met Vulcans before T'Laar, via a cross-training program that added some Vulcan martial arts techniques to the MACO tool box, but none as stubborn as this one. She seemed intent to out-Vulcan the entire planet.

"Alright T'Laar, let me lay my cards on the table. You're on my list of...questions. I could go either way on you, keep you or send you back to Vulcan. You're only on a temporary loan from the VDF anyways, I'll lose you in a year, but you're a damn good sniper and a damn good MACO. I want you to tell me why you should be kept."

His pause for her to speak grew into several seconds. Just as he was about to say something...prompting her to defend her position, she began. "Major Hofmann, I can see no logical reason why you should keep me on your team. As you said, I will return to my duties on Vulcan in approximately a year, leaving a vacancy you would need to fill once we are under way. Also, with Vulcan's current stance in the war I could be recalled sooner." She paused, contemplating her final point. "And...I am Vulcan."

Hofmann laughed a bit, thinking this a joke but her eyebrow raise and look reminded him once again that T'Laar never joked. "I'm aware of your...status as a Vulcan T'Laar. I don't see how it has any bearing."

"Sir, I am a Vulcan. I have not fully integrated into the team. I am still seen as an outsider."

"T'Laar, I don't know if you know this but your peer reviews are the highest of the squad. They have all accepted you, the issue is can you accept them..and can you take orders from me? If you can...I have yet to see a better sniper in my lifetime and doubt I ever will. If you can't..."

She paused again, staring at him. If it weren't for those pointy ears...she could be a beauty queen on Earth, he mused to himself, A beauty queen that can kill you 3 ways with one hand tied behind her back. He realized he was daydreaming and she had already begun to speak

"...must admit I was unaware of the team's...feelings..towards myself. If they feel I am adequate to serve with them, then I must concur and say that I can acclimate myself to serving with them. As for taking orders from you Major, I believe that you are a logical and sound tactician. Many of the military leaders on Vulcan could learn from the drills you have run through and the different scenarios you setup for us to face. I will follow out your orders to the best of my abilities."

Uros pushed a button on the padd on his desk and slid it across to her. "Then there are your orders...Corporal. You are to pack your gear and report to Starfleet Headquarters in San Fransisco in 48 hours. Your rank is to be considered provisional, but you have earned my respect and that of your teammates. Dismissed."

She saluted as she stood and he returned it from a seated position. She sealed the hatch to his office behind her.

"One down...10 to go." He tapped the commlink and called his next candidate.
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