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Final day at the Academy

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Cory Drake
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:23 am    Post subject: Final day at the Academy Reply with quote

Personal log, Cory Drake, Starfleet Cadet
It’s now 0200 hours Tuesday morning and my essay in my Starfleet History course is due in just seven more hours. How far am I? Just getting started. It’s been a long and tough subject to research, but I finally found what I needed and am now beginning on writing it. I’m just hoping it’s going to be enough as the professor of the course is tough to please. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun researching the Kirk family from George Kirk to James Kirk and their family and what they have left us with now.
After I’m done with my final tomorrow its back off to Colorado for the rest of the week to visit with the family before I report back to Starfleet Command in San Francisco for my first assignment. Here’s hoping for a deep space voyage.

(main story)
Cory Drake leaned back in his cold, uncomfortable chair in his dorm room at Starfleet Academy, staring blankly at the monitor in front of him. All he had was just a paragraph written for his Starfleet History course’s final essay.
He needed a decent report on it in order to earn his full credits and graduate from the Fleet. Unfortunately, history was his worst subject.
“Great, just five more hours until I have to have it turned over,” Drake mumbled to himself.
Drake – a medium-height, clean shaven, bald, stocky cadet clasped his hands over his face, hiding a yawn.
“Why don’t you lay down a little bit, Cory and take a nap and get back at it in an hour,” said a beautiful voice from behind him.
Drake turned around with a slight smile and looked at his fiancé – a Betazoid woman with short light brown hair and dark blue eyes. The two had met while in their command study course two years ago.
“I would love to, Hun, but if I do that I may not wake in time for the class,” Drake said. “Why don’t you hit the sack and get some rest. Big day for you too tomorrow.”
His fiancé – Anna Bell -- was undergoing an examination for Starfleet Intellegence, followed by a listening session with Admiral Yan Hum on the exploration of quasars for her scientific hypothesis course.
“Well, what are you going to write about, you’re only one paragraph in?” Bell asked.
Drake turned back to his monitor. He has just written the opening paragraph, a short description of why he decided to do research on the Kirk family tree.
“You should see what this family has accomplished over the decades they’ve been around, especially George and James,” Drake said. “It’s amazing from the time George helped develop many scientific advances in his time aboard the Kelvin to even up until his death at the hands of the Romulan ship from the future.”
Drake began working more on the computer console.
“Everyone knows what James did for this planet over his years of service, but I’m also exploring what he may have done to other timelines,” Drake said. “It’s complicated. He probably screwed up a ton of things.”
Drake rubbed his eyes. Getting even more tired than he already was.
He paused waiting for a response from Anna, but there was none.
“Honey?” Drake turned to find her fast asleep. “Computer, set alarm for 0700 hours.”
“Acknowledged,” the computer chirped back.
01100 hours
Drake fought to keep his eyes open after presenting his completed essay to his Starfleet History professor and fellow cadets. Just one hour of sleep just isn’t cutting it.
“Cadet Drake, please stay after, I’d like to talk to you,” Professor Patrick Bergin said. “Rest of you are dismissed. Good luck in your future endeavors.”
Drake quietly approached the professor’s podium.
“Sir,” Drake said.
The professor peered up from his bifocals. His gray, thinning hair perfect as it always was.
“You needed this to complete your coursework and earn your final credits,” Bergin said. “While there are a few holes, I believe this is the most in depth history of the Kirk family I have ever heard from a Cadet. Most cadets just focus on what James did in the regular time-line, not what kind of damage he could have caused from all of his time travel. It’s a great piece.”
Bergin smiled.
“There is a Starfleet officer who was in my class several years ago who is now getting his own deep space command,” Bergin said. “You have always been one of my hardest working pupils. I am forwarding that along to the officer as a recommendation for a crew member for his crew. I believe you would be perfect for his first command.”
Drake couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After a year in the Starfleet History course, he had always thought Bergin hated him. There was very little communication between the two of them over the course of the year.
“You made the right switch from medical to the science field,” Bergin said. “I know history won’t help you too much in that field, but the amount of research you put into your essays showed that you take pride in make the research is complete. That takes dedication.”
Drake didn’t know how to answer. He was speechless as Bergin extended his hand. Drake took it and grasped it tightly.
“Great job, Cadet,” Bergin said. “I’ll be looking forward to reading about your research in the future.”
Drake nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”

Personal log, continuation
It’s Tuesday evening, Anna and I are back in Colorado now. We’ve been at my parents house for two hours now and just enjoyed a great steak dinner. Anna didn’t do too well in her Starfleet Intelligence examination, but passed her science course with flying colors.
[i]We’re staying here until Sunday and then we’re returning to Starfleet Command for orders on Monday morning. It’s going to be a long week. It’s unlikely Anna and I will serve aboard the same ship, so we’re going to enjoy this last week together for a while.

My father is still upset with me for not staying in the medical field as he did, but I’m sure over time that will pass. My mother is still coping with her son heading off after the week. She was never a fan of Starfleet.
Well, it’s time for some quiet time now.

Computer, end personal log.[/i]
“Acknowledged,” the familiar female voice quipped.
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