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A phone call.....stardate 54095.2

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:20 am    Post subject: A phone call.....stardate 54095.2 Reply with quote

Uvek leaned forward and tapped the console on his desk. He had been reading a new strike force support manual in the security office when his comm bleeped, breaking his concentration.

"Incoming transmission for you Lieutenant Uvek." Said the communications ensign. He acknowledged the notice, and swung to face the small screen on his office wall. In a moment a familiar face appeared and a booming voice echoed into the small room.

"Lt, how are you?" Inquired Admiral Dwyer. Uvek smiled at his sponsor, knowing full well that the chief of Starfleet Intelligence, Gamma Quadrant Operations probably knew exactly how he was doing.

"I am well admiral, thank you." The admiral's smile faded a moment as he considered his protege'.

"I understand you are recovering well. How's the arm? Your captain says you've been pushing pretty hard. No recriminations Uvek, you did your duty and you should be proud."

As usual, the man's gruff demeanor cut to the matter at hand.

"No recriminations, admiral and yes, my hand is working perfectly. I have been placed on light duty, but I have also improved the use of my Teral'n considerably. I am by no means good, but I am getting better."

Dwyer smiled. "I knew you'd do well out there and congrats on the promotion. The next time you find yourself back home, plan on having a drink. I still have a supplier giving me your Romulan ale."

"Thank you admiral. I read the intelligence reports on the rebuilding process. It seems like the new ship designs are doing well. The Federation will be back to strength in no time." Dwyer grunted but said nothing.

"Incidentally, Uvek, there's word that the Cardassians arrested your Gul friend recently. Seems he was passing information to the Breen. He's been executed." Uvek was taken aback. "I'm sorry to give you the information like that, but I thought you'd like to know. Anyway, congratulations again. Keep up the good work. Dwyer out."

The Romulan leaned back. Hmmm. The circle of his past was smaller with that piece of news, which was no doubt the true reason for the admiral's personal attention. But the circle of his future had expanded with yesterday's promotion. Well, that was the circle of life, after all, wasn't it?

If this kept up, perhaps Uvek would find a career in Starfleet intelligence after all. But for now the Hartington had become his home, this crew his family and the Gamma Quadrant his future. He felt he had come into his destiny, and it wasn't even in the Empire after all.

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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