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Family values.......Stardate 54313.9

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:14 am    Post subject: Family values.......Stardate 54313.9 Reply with quote

Uvek awoke in the dark and lay still for a moment. There it was again; the quiet but insistent chirp of an incoming transmission. The romulan sprang up and moved through his now lightening quarters, grabbing a robe and wrapping himself before sitting at his desk. The flat screen rose out of his console, the Federation insignia shining at him dispassionately. He tapped a button and the computer sprang to life.

"Incoming transmission. Secure channel Alpha One, security clearance required." The flat female voice called out.

"Computer begin transmission, authorization Suran Beta Zed 1-4-9-5-9." As the screen darkened to begin relaying its message, Uvek once again found himself feeling slightly incredulous. Years spent penetrating the Federation, stealing secrets and learning codes, culminates in this: Security chief of a Federation starship, in deep space, with access to the entirety of its security procedures. The universe certainly had a sense of irony.

As the screen lightened, Admiral Dwyer's face appeared. He was not his usual jovial self, instead he appeared serious, almost grim. "Lieutenant." He said simply. Uvek dipped his head, "Admiral, what can I do for you?" he asked respectfully.

"Uvek, we have come into possession of a transmission that originated on Romulus. It appears to have been directed at one of our secret listening posts and deliberately made to catch our attention." Dwyer shook his head. "Secret," he said sarcastically. "At any rate, I debated relaying it, but I think you have a right to hear. When it concludes, you can let me know how you want to proceed. Do you understand?" Uvek nodded his head in confusion and the screen again went momentarily dark. When light filled his corner again, Uvek's eyes went wide and he had a sharp intake of breath. Onscreen was an elderly Romulan woman, her greying hair cut in Rihannsu fashion and smartly done. She wore civilian clothes and sat regally, as a former regional governor should.

"To my son, Uvek L'Ovel Suran, in the custody of Starfleet Intelligence," began the recording. There was a weight; a sadness to the tone, and Lt. Suran knew before she said it. "Your father is very ill. He is dying. We have resisted contacting you until now, but I cannot resist any longer." She raised her head proudly. "I do not know if what they are saying about you is true, son, nor do I know if this transmission will reach you at all, but I must try. We have never understood your work in the Tal Shiar, son, but we were always proud of you. We knew you were supporting and protecting the Empire and that was always enough for us."

"Now, after years of interrogations and suspicion, we have been cleared, resumed our lives and pressed on." Her head dipped. "But, your father has paid a price. Drayal came to see us, you remember him, your section chief? He said you defected to the Federation three years ago. That you betrayed many in your sector, but I don't believe him. I have resources, Uvek, and we are not without friends, despite the rumors. I know that you were behaving honorably, that you did whatever you did for the good of the empire itself."

"But now the time has come to return to your family, son. I have arranged for a transport to secretly carry your father to Risa. He will be there waiting for you to come. But he does not have long, and the Tal Shiar are sure to find out shortly that he is no longer on Romulus." Her eyes filled with tears.

"It doesn't matter to me, Uvek, why you left ch'Rihan. It doesn't matter to me that we suffered public scorn and lost the governorship. What matters is that your father is dying and he needs to look into your eyes again. Come home, or at least to Risa if you are able Uvek, before it is too late. You are our son and we love you."

The screen went dark. Uvek sat back for a moment, tears streaming down his face, his mind a whirl. Suddenly, Dwyer was on again and the romulan quickly wiped his cheeks with the sleeve of his robe.

"I'm sorry to inform you Uvek, that your father never made it to Risa. My sources tell me that his transport was intercepted shortly after this transmission was made, and he was arrested for violating the terms of your family's probation. I cannot tell you what has happened since."

Uvek nodded slowly. He knew what had happened since. The Tal Shiar was nothing if not efficient. Spies were interrogated, traitors executed.

"Uvek you are very important to us for many reasons," continued the grey-haired officer. "I want you to know we will support you in any way we can. If there is any information you can provide, perhaps we could try a deeper investigation." Suran shook his head, sighing deeply.

"Thank you Admiral Dwyer, your support is no small thing. But if there is one thing my family values, it is posterity. I can assure you that she sent this message knowing that she was being closely watched, even after all this time. There is nothing that can be done but to preserve her legacy and keep where I am now." Dwyer nodded, all ready knowing the truth.

"Jolan Tru, Uvek. My condolences. Dwyer out." The screen went blank and the security officer sat back for a moment.

"Computer," he said, his voice cracking. "Music; the ballad of the....the..." He couldn't finish. The emotions and tears would not be held back. Alone in his quarters Uvek cried.

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