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Escape from Orion

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Cory Drake
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:34 pm    Post subject: Escape from Orion Reply with quote

Culassil sat across from Savril -- a woman who posed as his wife when other species were around, but in truth was his slavemaster on the home planet of Orion. Not many other species realize that on Orion the women are actually in charge while the men are considered slaves. When Earthlings or other aliens visit, the men pose as the leaders of the planet.
Culassill, a tall, muscular man had just finished his diner and was waiting for Savril to finish.
"I think I'm going to take Taarak with me tomorrow," Culassil said, speaking of his 8-year-old son. "It'll be good for Taarak to start learning about the work that I do and how to obey the female in his life."
Savril glanced up at Culassil, having "controlled" him for the past 12 seasons. "Whatever works for you, Culassil, I don't give a damn what you do with Taarak. He just better be ready to go into our civilization by the time he turns 12."
Savril's rule was that once a male son turned 12, they would be given to an Orion woman who needed work done around the house and who had a daughter his same age that he would eventually follow directions from.
Culassil nodded. In reality, he had much more on his mind. There was going to be no work the next day, just escape from the horid planet he had spent his entire life on as a slave. He had built up some connections in his time working the ship yards on the planet that he found a way for his son and he to escape from Orion.
"He'll be ready," Culassil answered Savril. "I had better get him ready for bed."
Culassil excused himself from the chair and moved to the room across the building where Taarak was staying. He was a quiet boy, keeping to himself most of the time, never causing problems in schools or at home. He was in his room playing with model starships. Culassil stepped into his room. "Enterprise winning, Son?"
Taarak -- with a large smile looked up at his father -- he was just pretended to have his model Enterprise 1701-B attack a model of a Borg ship. "Father, I think we both know who would win this battle. Enterprise, of course."
Culassil chuckled at his son. "Time for bed, we have a busy day tomorrow." Culassil helped his son put away the toys and climb into the hard bed that the young boy slept on. "Get some sleep now, I'll see you in the morning, Son."

6 hours later
Taarak jumped out of bed, his mouth partially covered by a warm, shaking hand. The 8-year-old boy frantically looked around wondering what was happening. It was early, early in the morning and was still pitch black out. Taarak tried to yell for his father, but could only let out mumbles with the hand covering his mouth.
"Shhhhhhhh, son, be quiet," the dark figure in front of Taarak whispered as it moved into the moonlight just enough to reveal it was Taarak's own father that was waking him in his strange manner. "We have to go, now."
A scared Taarak climbed out of bed and quickly got dressed as his father rushed him along. This was the time to make their run, to escape the planet that would drain Taarak in his future if he stayed. Culassil knew he didn't have much time to get out of the house before Savril -- Taarak's birth mother -- woke from the hyperspray he gave her to knock her out.
The two, with brown coats on ran out the side door to their home and quickly ran into the trail into the forest. The trail that Culassil had spent the past two years carving out would lead them into a open field where the escape vessel would be waiting for them.
The sticks and branches were poking and stabbing the young around as his arm was outstreched as his dad pulled him along behind him. "Father, can we please slow down a little bit?"
Culassil, still pulling Taarak behind him, turned his head slightly. "No, we gotta keep moving, Son."
Culassil pushed through one final brush pile and before him was a large open field with waving tall grass in the wind. Sitting in the middle of the field was a small vessel that Taarak had seen several times before -- in his model collection.
Taarak's eyes widened and a smile grew on his face as he and his father neared the Federation runabout sitting there. He looked at the side of it and noticed the name on it -- USS T'POL NCC-44689 RUNABOUT 3.

Aboard the Runabout
Taarak sat on a couch-like bench in the back of the runabout, reading a PADD on the history about the vessell the runabout was from. The T'POL was a Constitution Class vessel that had been in service for the past four years.
The young boy looked at his father sitting across the small room from him. "Where are we going, Father?" Taarak asked.
Culassil looked up at his son and a small grin on his face, he had to force it on because he was still scared for his son. "To a new home, Son. A place where you will never be a slave." The older Orion looked towards the door of the room as a gray-haired man entered wearing a blue Star Fleet style room.
The gray-haired man motioned for Culassil to come with him, but there was a look of trouble in his eyes. Culassil stood up and put his hand on his son's shoulder. "Stay here, Taarak."
Culassil followed the older man into the piloting room of the runabout. "What's going on, Jonathan?" The two had come to know each other from Culassil's time working in the ship yards.
The gray-haired man looked up at his good friend and then pointed to the console. "We're being trailed by two Orion vessels on an intercept course. They've ordered me to stop and hand you and your son over."
Culassil felt his heart sink as he took a seat next to the human. He pressed on the console to bring up the intercept course of the oncoming vessels. "Did you answer them?"
The human shook his head. "No, but we have another problem," The gray-haired man pressed on some further consoles. "Coming from the other direction is my ship. The Orion contacted them to inform them what I had done."
Culassil frowned and looked at the man next to him. He had thought his friend had gotten permission from his captain to take the runabout and rescue them. The gray-haired man pointed to the console. "Your people are in weapons range, their powering weapons, raise the shields!"
The Orion man turned his seat to the console and hammered on the console. "Shields up, brace for impact!" Culassil held onto the side of the console as the phaser fire struck the vessel and rocked it violently.
The only thing Culassil could think about was his son sitting in the back of the small vessel. He didn't even hear the gray-haired man yell to return fire. Culassil snapped out of his daydreaming just as a second burst of phaser struck the vessel. "Shields down, they're locking torpedoes and ordering us to surrender."
Culassil looked at his friend. "Please call your ship and tell them we need help, I will talk to your Captain."
The gray-haired man rested his arms and looked at his friend. "I just did, they've moving in to intercept the Orions."

New Home
Culassil and Taarak sat in a dimly lit conference room of the USS T'POL. The young Orion could barely believe was aboard a real Federation starship. His father had just returned from talking to the captain and several Orion officials that had arrived from the vessels attacking the runabout.
Culassil put his arm around his son as the two waited word on their fate. He had asked the captain for safe passage to Earth. He said he would take it under advisement.
A young woman entered the room, a brunette woman wearing a red uniform -- indicating command or flight control. She sat down across from the two Orion. She looked down at the young boy sitting across from her. "Are you enjoying your time aboard a real starship?"
Taarak looked up and smiled big with a big nod. "Uh uh, it's awesome."
The woman laughed and then looked at the boys father. "Mr. Culassil, I'm Lieutenant Commander Emily Harris, I'm the second officer aboard. The captain would like to speak to you, I will stay here with Taarak until you return."
As Culassil left the conference room Lt. Cmdr. Harris looked at the young Orion boy again. "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
 Taarak looked at the young woman in front of him. "I want to be in Star Fleet someday. I want to fly a ship." The young boy looked at the woman's uniform. "Are you in charge here, you're wearing red."
Lt. Cmdr. Harris laughed hard. "No, not yet, I'm learning to be though. I'm the pilot on this ship right now."
Several minutes passed with the two talking and Harris telling Taarak all abotu Star Fleet when the door to the conference room slid open again.
Culassil walked in and sat next to his son and smiled at him. "Taarak, our next stop is Earth, we're free." Culassil hugged his son.
Taarak could feel the hum of the ship as it shifted into high warp as they headed to his new home Earth.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow...nice breakdown...

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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Cory Drake
Task Force Crewman

Joined: 21 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you. This one was a fun one to write up.

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