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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:09 pm    Post subject: A TURNING POINT..... Reply with quote

Roger Talbert moved through the bowels of the station. The Guardian was orbiting further out now, using shuttles and runabouts to tractor larger pieces of the debris field out of the nebula core and toward a collection point. The Myosians were to come with their collectors and grab the scraps for their shipyard. Much of the Guardian's security and scientific community were now onboard the station and establishing controls and power all over. Lenara was busy downloading terabytes of information and assimilating the station's advanced computer systems to Federation receivers. Captain Marek had not yet left the ship, choosing to coordinate everything from an overhead position and prepare for the arrival of a fleet from the Alpha quadrant. A message had been sent to the Hartington and things were coming together.

It had been two busy days since the attack and transfer of the Tal'harton boarders into a brig. Two days in which Talbert and crew all but forgot about the forty or so prisoners they had collected. It was time to talk to them. He entered the brig as soon as the desk-sergeant punched the release and walked up to the largest holding cell, noticing two of the attacker's staves on a nearby table, and knowing that the rest of them and the other weapons were onboard the Guardian, undergoing rigourous study.

The reptilians were there sitting in a circle apparently in a trance, or so it seemed. They had long since given up trying to break through the forcefields. The commander stood at the screen waiting to be recognized. Man, it's hot, he thought, noticing that the environmental controls had been adjusted to facilitate their 'guests'. When no one moved Talbert cleared his throat and spoke up.

"I need to speak to your commanding officer or whoever is in charge here." He said. At first, there was no response. Slowly a short, robed figure stood and proudly approached the doorway. He stood stiff-backed, his forked tounge flicking slowly and methodically as though tasting Talbert's aura.

"You are in command of this group?" queried the XO. The Tal'harton dipped his hooded head. "Do you have a name or should I try a mind-meld here?"

With deliberate hesitation the green-skinned being spoke, his voice hissing out with contempt and assurance. "I am Inquisitor Vell. You have made a significant miscalculation here." Thomas shook his head.

"Sorry Inquisitor, but it appears that you made the miscalculation." He stepped slightly closer to the wall, so that they could speak quietly. "Now listen to me. I'm Commander Rogert Talbert of the starship Guardian. This station and its occupants are under the protection of the United Federation of Planets. Your continued aggression will not be tolerated. Any further provocations will be met with force. In a short time you and your team will be sent back to your people where we expect you to relay this message. As of right now this nebula is off-limits to the Tal'harton and any other force that means this station harm. Do you understand?"

Vell did not answer. During Talbert's comments he stood motionless except for his hood which seemed to expand and collapse on certain points. His tounge flickered in and out more quickly and when he did speak it was with venom.

"Your threats are meaningless. You are marked for conversion to the Holy Order of Tal. Nothing you do can stop that. I and my collegues are of no consequence. The Creator demands it."

Talbert smiled and shook his head. "Vell, Vell, Vell," he said in mock-sadness, "We understand your conversion process. Frankly we reject that invitation. You will be transferred to the Guardian shortly for a discussion with my captain after which, in all likelihood, you will be returned to your people." He looked directly into the inquisitor's eyes. "Your entire fleet was destroyed by this station at half-power and ONE starship. Imagine what will happen when our fleet arrives and we are at FULL power."

Vell shook his head, his hood moving ominously. "You underestimate us, Commander." He replied. "The will of Tal cannot be so easily usurped."Talbert leaned in and said, "Neither can the will of TalBERT." He turned and headed to the door. "I suggest you get ready to meet Captain Marek. No doubt he'll have some questions for you."

The door closed behind him and Commander Talbert moved back to the station's core. One thing was true. The Tal'harton weren't done here yet.

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