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Experimental Actions

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:25 am    Post subject: Experimental Actions Reply with quote

Marek found Lenara in the Main Science lab. She had taken over the section that housed the stasis pod she had awakened from. She had a large table set up, and appeared to be either assembling or disassembling one of the androids from the station. He walked up, realizing he had hardly seen her since the Admiral arrived.

Lenara turned as she heard the doors cycle, then smiled warmly as the Captain approached,
"Captain Marek, how are you?"

Marek resisted the urge to arch an eyebrow, handing her the PADD,
"Admiral Croft has ordered you to contact Commander Bruce Maddux at the Daystrom Institute. He would like you to assist him with his research into the android's created by Dr. Noonien Soong."

Lenara took the PADD, her smile shifting to what could only be considered a grin,
"Thank you sir, I was going to ask if I could contact Commander Maddux for personal reasons, this will make things much easier if he is expecting my contact."

Marek gave up trying not to arch his eyebrow, his curiosity now in overdrive,
"Are you suffering from a system failure?"

Lenara shook her head quickly, turning towards the collection of parts on the table,
"No sir, nothing like that." She places the PADD down and picks up a robotic hand, missing a finger and thumb, "I am trying to expand my knowledge in the hopes that my internal programming will allow me to access the information on my people pertaining to reproduction." She turns back to the Captain, " I had no difficulty accessing the data that allowed me to build the shell, the hardware, for the Regent's new body, but I can't access the data on Alterran consciousness. It is more than just some lines of code, I know it is nurtured and developed." She looked down at her hands, "I feel the pressure of being the last of my species, and wish to do something about it."

Marek placed an awkward hand on her shoulder,
"The Regent spoke with me on this subject. You will need to be patient, when the time is right, you will know. I believe the work with Commander Maddux will be a welcome distraction from your...anxiety." Marek paused for a moment, then spoke softly,
"I have one request, I would like you to be careful with Commander Maddux, he will have no qualms about risking your existence if it will further his research. I get the same impression from the Admiral."

Lenara nods once, looking up at her commanding officer,
"Yes sir. And thank you for listening. It is a fascinating experience, but I seem to feel better just by saying the words. I imagine that is another sign of my youth to be surprised by that information."

Marek drops his hand, clasping it behind his back with it's mate,
"You are a singular species, Lenara. I will do everything in my power to ensure you do not become an extinct one." Lenara nodded again, and Marek excused himself, leaving the lab. As he headed for the bridge, he couldn't help but turn the puzzle of what Admiral Croft was planning to do over in his head, trying to find the logical conclusion. The only one he had reached so far was not a good one.

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