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Stream Prometheus (2012) Watch

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:58 pm    Post subject: Stream Prometheus (2012) Watch Reply with quote

Even here we are at the globe you created in Alien but leaving H.R. Gigerís aliens out is ok. Working inside a larger science fiction universe is acceptable-itís your creation. But where Blade Runner asked about about being human, allowing me to ponder this, Watch Prometheus tried answering itís own existential questions. You must think your audience is stupid which means you threw in a very bunch of flashy graphics and wagged your dick with the audience, counting their cash in mind the full time. Such as subway urinator youíre exposing yourself in public places and getting away along with it.

The few shots of the ship inside trailer looked dumb however dismissed it, patiently waiting hope. That's shattered following your first a quarter-hour, ten that only had Michael Fassbender as an android watching Lawrence of Arabia and studying. Which was great and that he only said a few words. Granted, we were holding in another language or repeating Peter OíTooleís lines nevertheless it worked. When the movie was 120 minutes of Fassbender watching Lawrence of Arabia it wouldíve been much better than Prometheus.

And whatís using the abortion scene? You'll avoided the phrase abortion, calling it a caesarian instead, gets hotter was clearly an abortion. The alien baby was just an abortion survivor. How about the silly squid alien sticking the tentacle penis down peopleís throats, killing them with oral penetration? I was thinking Frank Miller had phallic issues but it is something else entirely, killing with oral sex. Kids in Japan read that sort of stuff for the limo bus and Cronenberg wouldíve tried it with style.

To surmise, you experienced a considerable budget, worked with Oscar winning actors coupled with a good suggestion though were able to screw it up. There was a sequence of Star Trek: The Next Generation where everybodyís racing over the universe looking for the tips for life, finding every one of the aliens who hate one another are brothers. You took that product threw within a monster. Actually, even your easiest work, Blade Runner, is stripped away from Philip K. Dick, proving you donít have an original idea mentally. You craft good movies in the event the source material is excellent. Then again, you've made Hannibal and Robin Hood what exactly does that say?

To put it briefly, stop making movies. At least Bob Dylan had the heart to do a Victoriaís Secret commercial as he was beyond ideas, saying, ďthatís it, Iím done.Ē Granted, he looked like a creepy pedophile inside ad but knew it; he was at about the joke. But you carry on, thinking the diarrhea you edit together into a narrative is genius. It isnít. Youíve made your hard earned money, retire for an island somewhere and spend your winter years pretending you have made good movies once, sipping Mojitoís or anything you love drinking-itís obvious something has destroyed your skill to be aware of correctly and Iím hoping itís the drink as opposed to your current intellect.

On the subway platform today I encountered a puddle of urine. It had been the full puddle, not a childís accident but a deliberately forgotten pool of piss. Why, with video security cameras and individuals everywhere, did the perpetrator think this was a good suggestion? Does anybody care; did anybody watching give a damn or maybe think ďanother day in Nyc?Ē Thatís how I felt after watching Prometheus today-I felt as you flipped me the bird and created a putrid puddle of piss sitting at my feet.

Bear in mind South Park episode the place that the movie trailer said ďwhatever, youíll pay to search see itÖfuck you?Ē Thatís what I felt you said with Prometheus. You and Last century Fox promised an excellent movie beforehand-what happened? You directed Blade Runner and, such as an alchemist, turned Dan OíBannonís screenplay for Alien into cinematic gold. The past good thing in college was Thelma and Louise; I believe you hit your peak in 1991.

Now, the place to start with Prometheus: the bad story and the bad visuals? Ok, don't assume all the visuals were awful but the CGI humanoid aliens looked completely fake. Have you sign off on the CGI since you ran away from money or since you actually saw that nearly as good? If you thought it looked good youíve lost your skill to perceive. In this case stop making movies. It embarrasses you and I feel stupid after i be seduced by it and although I first viewed it coming I took the bait anyways. Thatís on me.
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