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Captivity - re: Stardate 2363

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:17 pm    Post subject: Captivity - re: Stardate 2363 Reply with quote

Uvek sat back up, wiping the blood off his chin and away from his mouth. His ribs hurt, at least one was broken for sure, and his head was spinning. It didn't matter. The Nausicaan guard was circling him, and looking to his companions for encouragement.

He had been held for 20 days now in the slimy and dank Nausicaan prison. He had been caught with a communications transponder stolen from their cruiser. How they caught him was still a mystery to Uvek, who was sure he had made a clean break. Perhaps they just decided to rob him, who knows? At any rate, he was caught, and the past 20 days were spent in abuse, interrogation, and torture. He knew he had to get out soon, or there would be nothing left of him to go.

He had gained entry to the ship masquerading as a Vulcan healthcare worker. He was set to treat an outbreak of Altarian encephalitis (introduced by the Tal Shiar during a refit in which the Nausicaan cruiser had received the latest communications equipment. Naturally, the Romulans wanted it). The Nausicaan ship was woefully unprepared for ANY medical problems, not actually having physicians as such on board, and the passing of a freighter which just happened to have a Vulcan medical officer, was not questioned.

During the treatment phase, while the captain of the cruiser was recovering from his coma, Uvek broke from the group and made his way into the communications center. He quickly located the transponder he wanted (it was not fully installed yet, and was sitting in an open console, loosely connected to the main array). He disconnected it, put it into his medical pouch and headed quickly to the air lock. His plan was to board the "freighter", which would then shed its slow and ponderous shell, revealing a sleek Romulan scout ship underneath. Cloak and warp, and voila, home again home again Jiggidy jig! The doors opened on the airlock and Uvek walked right into the Nausicaan guards standing there. They stunned him, and he awoke in the prison hold, the transponder gone along with his Vulcan persona.

The fight was actually Uvek's doing. He had bet the Guard, a nasty individual named GGRNALL, that the Romulan could beat him in a fight. The bet, along with the promise of 40 bars of gold pressed latinum, was the only incentive the guards needed for a little sport. It took less than ten minutes for GGRNALL to break Uvek's rib and slap him around sharply, apparently making short work of this tall and lean foe. He moved in for the final blow. Uvek slumped, looking weak; bleeding and shocky. The Nausicaan loomed over him, triumphantly raising his hands above his head to bring them down into a crushing blow on the Romulan's head.

Uvek timed it just right. His right foot shot out, solidly connecting with the Nausicaan's midsection. He spun on the floor to the right, sweeping his left foot out and slamming GGRNALL in the face, snapping one of his teeth off in the process, and spinning his head around. He didn't stop there though. Using the momentum he spun onto his stomach, planting his hands firmly on the floor, curled up tight, and performed a violent handstand, thrusting BOTH feet directly into the chin of his antagonist.

That did it. GGRNALL flew backwards and slammed on his back, unconscious. Uvek painfully raised himself up. He heard grunts and giggles as the other Nausicaans closed in around him. "You got Garumba." Said the recovered captain, slapping Uvek on the back (which nearly made him puke). Laughter rolled from the assembled group, which was immediately cut off by the captain.

"Where is my latinum?" He asked, gripping the handle of his waistknife. Uvek nodded. He had counted on the fact that, win or lose, the Nausicaan would demand the money. "Let me make contact with my ship," he said weakly. The captain laughed again. "Your ship was destroyed as soon as we were done stripping it." He remarked.

Uvek's heart dropped. "Still," He recovered, "I have another that I can contact. They will bring me what I need." The captain nodded and moved aside, urging Uvek toward the door and onto the bridge.

The communication was short and to the point. "Very well," said Uvek, turning to face the captain. "The ship will arrive shortly. We are to hold this position until then." The captain stepped closer. "The price just went up." he said menacingly. "You are NO vulcan. And you had our transponder unit. The price is going up." Uvek nodded, and slumped into a chair. "I agree with you, it has," he replied, "Don't worry, you'll get it when they get here." Hours went by.

Suddenly, the helmsman turned to face the captain, shock and fear on his face. "CAPTAIN," he shouted, "Romulan Warbird decloaking off the...."
He never finished. Green light flashed, followed by the forms of Romulan security agents materializing all over the ship. Disruptors were fired, exposions, chaos. In moments, it was all done. Uvek stepped over the smouldering body of the captain, and up to the remains of the communications console. The men must have been instructed beforehand, and left it largely untouched. The spy undid the covers and removed the transponder. "Uvek to Starfire," he said into the communicator he was given. "Away team to transport. I have the item."

The group returned to the Warbird, which promptly destroyed the now empty cruiser. They cloaked, and Uvek returned home.
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