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No Regrets (Karl Koester)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:02 pm    Post subject: No Regrets (Karl Koester) Reply with quote

Personal Log
Petty Officer Karl Koester

Rescued by the Enterprise E after nearly seven months on Dantana. Who'd have thought. I thought I was gonna die on that rock. But if I did so it would be with every round fired, my phaser dry, and my knife bloodied with Jem'Hadar or Cardassian blood.

It seems the tide of the war is turning. Deep Space Nine has been retaken by the Federation and Klingons. We're in route there to rendezvous with the fleet. From there I'll be onboard the USS Hamburg, enroute to Vulcan to join the 121st Joint Composite Security Squadron.

Some may think my hatred of Cardies to be irrational or even insane. But that is how I survived.

Witnessing the atrocities they committed against malnourished, exhausted prisoners of war as they toiled on an orbital artificial wormhole has jaded my views somewhat.

After I read the casualty reports. I learned one thing. Andi Ryvers, a recently promoted Petty Officer Second Class onboard USS Aizawa, captured by the Dominion. My fiancee. Dead at that orbital prison camp. Courtesy of those damned Cardies!

After I heard from Lieutenant Sam Lavelle the atrocities he witnessed. A horribly burned human male, injured from an explosion when a Cardassian anti-matter tanker exploded thrown into a cell left to die. A riot among the female prisoners after a glinn conducted a through and painful 'field interrogation'. Countless other abuses.

I have come to one conclusion. I have killed three hundred and seventy one of their abusers. And I have no regrets for doing so. Any more Cardies that find themselves in my sights will be killed.
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