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Ghosts of the Past? Or Signs of the Future?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:43 am    Post subject: Ghosts of the Past? Or Signs of the Future? Reply with quote

Lenara was in her quarters, she had just finished her first shift as an official member of the crew. She was working on the data node that had been collected when she was found. Her terminal was remotely connected to the node that was in the main science lab. Even with her ability to work at speeds much faster than any of the other crew, it was slow going. Between the encryption and the sheer volume of data, it made for monotonous, painstaking work. After several hours of work extracting data that turned out to be a geological survey of a planet several hundred light-years away from their current location, an internal timer went off. It was time for a regeneration cycle. With some trepidation, Lenara stood and walked over to the device that reminded the rest of the crew of a Borg alcove. This was only her second time in the device, and she was not looking forward to the experience. The first time had been disturbing, to say the least. It had started out just fine, her primary systems went into a suspended state, and test results and other data began scrolling across her vision. Then she began to see things. She had no other way to describe it, although she knew her artificial brain was very different than a biological one, it appeared to be a dream. The images were disjointed, but she could remember the Borg played a prominent role. When her regeneration cycle was complete, she had found it hard to remember exactly what she saw, but her memory subroutines were functioning flawlessly. She had chalked it up to a glitch and pushed it out of mind, but now that she was due for another cycle, the doubts had returned. She stepped onto the pad, paused for a moment, then with a thought activated the cycle. Her body relaxed as her autonomic systems took over. On the left side of her vision a stable list of data in violet letters appeared, tracking the progress of various tests and systems, while on the right side of her vision, data scrolled passed.
Several uneventful minutes passed, then her vision faded to black. The data readout was gone, no light source could be detected at first. Then she heard the ship's emergency klaxon sound. Emergency lighting came up and she was standing in a hallway. The slight curve of the hallway told her it was in the saucer section of the ship, but she wasn't sure exactly where. In front of her, the emergency lighting failed as the hallway curved away in the distance. Suddenly, a red beam of light could be seen emerging from the darkness. Another beam appeared, it's source obviously different then the first, followed by a third beam. The began moving slowly, back and forth. Footsteps could be heard, slowly approaching. Lenara found herself taking an uncertain step back, registering that she had a strong desire to avoid whatever was approaching. A faint outline could be seen, humanoid, the red beam's source somewhere on the figure's head. Lenara found herself on the verge of panic, facing what she knew now to be her people's mortal enemy. She turned and tried to run, only to trip over something lying on the floor. She rolled to her feet quickly, noticing a Starfleet uniform on the body she had tripped over but turning before she could identify who it was. She then noticed that the hall was littered with bodies, it appeared that much of the crew was lying in front of her, continuing on into infinity. She stepped gingerly over the first body, but before she could continue a hand grabbed her shoulder in an iron grip. With a jerk, she was back in her quarters, stumbling off of the regeneration platform. She stumbled to a chair and sat, breathing heavily even though she didn't need to breath. What is wrong with me?

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