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Physician, heal thyself.......

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:09 pm    Post subject: Physician, heal thyself....... Reply with quote

Talbert was sitting in his office, looking rather unpleased. Dr. Skyna had reported as ordered and now sat across from him, his face a deadpan of seriousness.

"I just want off." repeated the CMO. "I don't belong out here, we both know that. This is someone's idea of shutting me up." The new station commander leaned back in his chair and cooly appraised the offier before him. He picked up a PADD and scanned it briefly, though in truth he knew exactly what it said; Sknya was a loudmouth, a complainer, a whiner even, but a very good doctor.

"Lieutenant Skyna, I have read your dossier and I understand your...reservations with Starfleet. However, the fact that you haven't resigned your commission leads me to wonder just how serious you are about quitting, or whether you're sincere about changes. As far as I can tell, Command has taken some of your issues as far as the diplomatic channel, and they are negotiating new support policies for deep-space patrols even now. I'd say that's a blow against your theory."

Skyna shook his head. "Look, I'm just not ready for this, that's all. I want to support the fleet, from a ship or some other platform. Sticking me out here isn't going to do anyone a favor. The war took a lot out of me."

Roger dropped the information on his desk impatiently. "Tough." He said simply. "Starfleet sees fit to make you the Chief Medical Officer of this station, and I'm inclined to agree. You're here, and its time you put that past you. Act like an officer and pony up. We need good medical officers, especially out here, and I'm not tolerating some self-pity march to the gallows." He looked into SKyna's eyes. "I expect you to remember your hippocratic oath, doctor, and rise to the challenge."

Skyna pursed his lips and nodded, absorbing the Commander's attitude. Ok, he thought, let's try this on for size.....

"I'm a drug addict. I became addicted to morphine to stop the violent reactions of PTSD after AR-558. I haven't kicked it and I don't know if I can."

Talbert stared at the man for a long moment. Deliberately, slowly, he reached over and pulled out the personnel file he'd read. He spent more long moments thumbing through the readout before placing it squarely on his desk. Looking at Dr. Skyna he replied. "It doesn't seem to have affected your performance this far, Lieutenant." Standing up he continued, his voice taking a sharp and dangerous edge. "But let me make this perfectly clear Drake. You so much as endanger one, just one, of this crew with your inaction or negligence; if you cause this station harm in any way, at any time, for any reason, I'll snap you back so hard you'll wish you were still on AR-558."

Moving to the door he turned and waited for Skyna to stand and move out. As he passed him, Talbert said "Deal with your demons, Doctor. I don't have the time."

Talbert sat back down and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Making a brief notation in Drake Skyna's personnel file, he also made a mental note to follow up with him in few weeks and ensure that the doctor was up to snuff and drug free.

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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