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A new beginning

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Command Council
Command Council

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:49 pm    Post subject: A new beginning Reply with quote

Ando Osaka stood on the bridge of his new command, looking over his new domain. The USS Archer was scheduled for departure tomorrow, but Ando wanted a chance to savor this moment while the ship was nearly deserted. He slowly walked from the turbolift doors, making his way to the helm. He ran his finger along the top of the console, as he strolled in front of it, looking at each station in turn. He made his way to the command chair, slowly taking a seat. He had just turned to the control panel on his right when the turbolift doors slid open. Ando didn't turn, but somehow he knew who had just entered the bridge. A trace amount of perfume, the sound of the steps, the intensity of the gaze that he could feel on the back of his head, told him that it was the woman he loved. Jamie Allen Osaka strode purposefully to stand in front of Ando, her arms folded across her chest.

"Call him back."

Ando looked up, incredulous, "Admiral Croft? You don't just call an Admiral, you have to have a reason."

Jamie shifted her weight to her left heel, "You have a reason, his orders make no sense. You are a starship designer, not a commander, why are you to report to DS9 under command of a ship?"

Ando chose his words carefully, knowing his wife would see reason, once her anger had subsided a little, "I was told I would be briefed when I arrived. They probably just don't have everything in order yet." And I have plenty of command experience he thought but didn't say.

Jamie looked at him for a moment, her green eyes holding his, "It's the Gamma Quadrant, what else could it be? Not only do I have to leave my family, but we have to go to the other side of the galaxy? What are we supposed to do? The Dominion is over there, and heaven knows what else." She turned away from him, looking down. Ando stood and put his arms around her, smiling.

"I've had the same thoughts, but what else could they want me for but a shipyard. Either the race that the Hartington has made contact with needs help at a shipyard, or Starfleet is building one. Either way, we should be in a stable, comfortable environment." He turned her to face him, "Another cushy station assignment." She looked at him, her mouth still set in a frown, "So why did they give you command of a heavily armed warship? With a cloak? There's what, four ships in the whole fleet with a cloaking device, and they give one to the cushy station assignment? Don't patronize me."

Ando tried to look contrite, "Let's just see what happens, ok? I'm sure it will be fine." He kissed her on the cheek, "You should be happy for me, promotions don't come along every day." She finally cracked, a small smile playing across her lips,

"Maybe just a little happy," She conceded. She glanced around the bridge, smirking, "Shouldn't you have a crew, Lieutenant Commander?"

Ando grinned mischievously, "I ordered them all on shore leave before we depart, I'm waiting for my date to show up." He pulled away from her, taking the command chair. Jamie looked at him with mock disgust.

"You are a married man, what would the honor court say?" She walked over to the chair, sitting on the arm and slipping her arm around his neck, playing with his hair.

"Oh I don't know..." He suddenly grabbed her around her waist and pulled her into his lap, both of them laughing. All was right with the world, and Ando couldn't wait to find out just what his new assignment was.
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Task Force Crewman

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nice. Good flavor...

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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Command Council
Command Council

Joined: 27 Aug 2009
Posts: 1045
Location: The Dark Side of Utah

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Osaka rubbed his eyes, the letters on the PADD he had been studying starting to double up from fatigue. He decided to take a break from his study of the available information on the Gamma Quadrant and head to engineering. He found himself checking in with the Chief Engineer several times a day. Admiral Croft was so anxious to get to their target destination that he had both ships traveling at warp 9.2. Osaka had assumed that they could only be a few days away, being that neither vessel was rated to cruise at that speed for extended periods. It was now day eight, and still they hurtled through space at an almost disconcerting rate of speed. Ando found himself regularly calculating the distance traveled. Almost forty light years now He nodded to the bridge crew as he headed towards the turbolift.
"Lieutenant Hennessey, you have the bridge. I'll be in main engineering." The turbolift doors closed, and after notifying the computer of his destination, the lift whirred to life. He folded his arms, finding the 42 second trip almost too long, as many times as he had made it lately. The doors slid open and he walked the short corridor to the main warp core. The double doors slide aside, revealing the class 7 antimatter reactor in the center of the room. Osaka always took a moment to appreciate the reactor that made this type of travel possible. It's design that he had helped to engineer and build. While he had only directly worked on several subsystems and it was definitely a team effort, he still felt no small sense of pride at how well it was holding up. He walked over to the Chief as he typed away at a console, his nervousness dialing up a notch as he noticed something.
"Hello Chief, is it just me or is it warm in here?" Ando glanced at the core again, noting the hum vibrating through the ship. Chief Titus Decker looked up, the strain on his face visible for only a moment before his almost ever present smile returned to his face, although it showed some weariness at this time.
"Aye sir, about three degrees, the core is running so hot the coolant system can barely keep up. I have adjusted environmental controls, but they can barely keep up as well." He wiped his brow, then chuckled, "I can only thank the stars I am on this ship, the Conquest is likely running about twenty degrees hotter, I bet Taus is pulling his antennae out about now." He was referring to Taus Dae, the Chief Engineer of the USS Conquest, the ship they were following, or perhaps more accurately, chasing to their new assignment. Ando adjusted his uniform as he walked over to the ships MSD.
"Well, hopefully we don't end up spreading bits and pieces of either ship all over the Gamma Quadrant." He glanced quickly at the readouts, noting that while most ship systems were in the yellow warning zone, everything was still holding together.
"You know, sir, I'll let you know if we have a problem." Decker smiled wryly, "I'm beginning to think you doubt my abilities."
Ando laughed, the tension draining away. This was one of the reasons he kept visiting Engineering.
"Maybe it's the fact that you wouldn't have graduated the Academy without me, Deck."
"Now don't start that hogwash again, just because I needed a little help passing my pilot skills exam, you think you saved my career." Decker smirked, moving back to the console he had been working at.
"Now, if you are done insulting my intelligence, I have some work to do, if you want me to keep this ship in one piece." Ando nodded, then left the room, feeling a little better that he could count on his friend. If anyone can keep this ship together, he can
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