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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:17 pm    Post subject: Mission...accomplished? Reply with quote

S'Stemm/Uvek was halfway down the hallway, heading toward the turbolift and freedom, when the call came from behind him. "Commander," someone yelled. He froze in place, fear welling up inside him. What now?

Not an hour ago he was inside one of the Federation's most sensitive locations...The shipyards at Utopia Planetia, deep within the communications center. His mission was to plant a tracer program to transmit Federation codes to a cloaked relay satellite and ultimately to Romulan receivers along the Neutral Zone. It seemed simple enough, but nothing ever was. First, he had to once again become a Vulcan Science officer, a Commander named S'Stemm, who had prior history working on systems for the Argus Array. Then he had to get aboard the shipyard control station, penetrate the communications room, plant the program into the central computer and escape. Nothing to it. Surprisingly, the midnight shift at the station proved to be as lax as most late night environments on a dozen worlds in a dozen systems around space, and S'Stemm had no problem using false credentials to slip from one checkpoint to the other. If nothing else, the Romulans were efficient at espionage.

At three am, he slipped into a seat in the comm room, and brought out the microdisc that contained the tracer program. There were only two other techs on duty and one security captain outside the doorway, about to change shifts, so he was focused on gathering his personal effects. Perfect. S'Stemm slid the microdisc into the receiver port and pressed the activation switch. Suddenly, the screen lit up in front of him and the console began to bleep and whir. Fvadt! What the hell? One of the techies turned and looked at the station curiously. "Are you alright, Commander?" He asked, rising as though to come over and help.

S'Stemm raised a hand up to stay him. "Thank you, ensign," he replied, "But I am fine." The ensign stopped and returned to his station, a look of concern on his face. "Just a technical issue, easily corrected." Assured the vulcan officer. Right. S'Stemm pressed a reset button and things began to hum smoothly. The program was accepted, and the menu asked him to execute. He pressed the final switch, activating the program, and ejecting the disc into his hand. So far, so...well, anyway......He arose and moved to the door, nodding to the techs in greeting and thanks, before passing out into the corridor. Now to get to the turbolift, and reach the waiting runabout. That's when the call came.

The security officer came running up behind him a hand raised in greeting. S'Stemm gathered himself and prepared his best vulcan face.
"Captain," He said in greeting, bowing his head slightly.

"Sir," replied the breathless captain, "Mind if I walk with you?" YES, thought S'Stemm, I DO. Outwardly he remained calm. "I would welcome the company." He said.

"I was wondering something," began the officer. No doubt. "Is it true that non-vulcans have taken the Kholinar?" How the hell would I know?
"Yes," replied S'Stemm evenly, "Why do you ask?" Like I care.

"I have a great desire to study the vulcan philosophy." was the reply. Read a book. Outwardly, S'Stemm remained impassive. "I cannot advise you in that regard. It is a deeply personal journey. One must seek one's own path." The captain nodded.
"Do you think you could, you know, mind meld me and see if I have what it takes?" WHAT? S'Stemm/Uvek stopped cold, his face betraying nothing. He looked closely at the captain, and saw that he was being earnest. If the situation were different, Uvek would have laughed in his face. As it was......
"No," he stated emphatically, "No, I cannot do that." Puzzlement overcame the captain's face. Uvek continued..."As I have said, it is a deeply personal decision, and must not be swayed by anything I may or may not discover about the candidate." "OH," said the captain, a slow smile on spreading on his face, "I can relate to that." YOU CAN?

By now they had reached the turbolift, and S'Stemm/Uvek pressed the call button. "I'm sorry, captain, but I must leave you now, I have a pressing prior engagement." Yeah, ESCAPE. The captain stood by while the doors opened. "Thank you, Commander S'Stemm," he said, "You have truly helped me. I am going to go for it." He moved off, the smile plastered to his face. How did I help him decide that? thought the false vulcan. He shook his head and exited into the hangar deck.

Hours later, enroute to his rendesvous point, he was still confused and wondered what he did to help the captain. Whatever it was, he could only hope it was the right decision. Hmmm, thought Uvek, Maybe someday I'll learn if his mission was accomplished.
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