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Holodeck training

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:08 am    Post subject: Holodeck training Reply with quote

Xavier Croft
Location Holodeck 2
Stardate 54365.61

Croft was at the helm of a Defiant class starship. He was manning both tactical and helm, as in his simulation most of the bridge crew was injured. They were engaging several Jem'Hadar Battlecruisers, two much larger more powerful ships. Croft usually set up his simulations with difficult odds, trying to keep his skills sharp. The shipped rocked from a direct hit.

"Shields at 52%"

Croft rolled the ship and made another strafing run, firing the pulse phasers as he did. A nameless ensign was manning the Ops station.

"The second warship is coming around the port side!"

Croft immediately dove the ship starboard firing almost constantly. Croft knew his only hope was keeping the one battlecruiser between them and the other cruiser. The starship wouldn't survive long under the onslaught of both battleships simultaneously.

"Direct hit to the Jem'Hadar's starboard nacelle, they have lost warp drive."

Croft allowed himself a small smile, Now if I could just take out they're weapons, this thing is in the bag He put the ship into a roll, then pulled around for another strafing run. The ship rocked from another hit.

"Shields at 32%, hull breach deck 3."

Croft swore as he put the ship into a hard bank. He fired a full spread of quantum torpedoes at the ships main bridge. Enough pussyfootin around, lets end this

"Sir, the first battlecruiser has been disabled! She's adrift, and listing to port!"

Croft brought the ship hard around, arming another barrage of torpedoes.

"Auxilary power to shields, Ensign. We have another ship to worry about..."
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