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Captain's Log, Stardate 53779.5

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Captain David Brennon

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:58 pm    Post subject: Captain's Log, Stardate 53779.5 Reply with quote

The computer recorded several seconds of silence before the Captain began. He cleared his throat, and attempted to speak though nothing louder than a sigh came out. The computer beeped at him, a reminder to begin speaking.

"Ahem... Captain's Log, Stardate 523... 525... 53... Computer, what is the current Stardate?"

"The date is Stardate 53779.5"

"It's Thursday..."

The Captain was heard sighing before he continued speaking.

"Captains's Log, Stardate 53779.5. The Hartington left orbit of the planet known only in Dominion records as Planetoid 9035637 the day before last. The Hukana were safely reintegrated with their kin over 1,000 km away from their more hostile cousins. We have proceeded back on our original course, making our way towards the rendezvous with USS Guardian. Professor Kolar and I had an in depth discussion and he has requested permission to remain aboard the Hartington for the foreseeable future -- a request I have seen fit to grant..."

He paused again, the computer recording the thumping sound of his fingers upon his desk. He let out another sigh, this one barely containing a sob. Something was eating him alive.

"I have received a message from Admiral Akaar. There has been and... uprising on the Trill Homeworld. General backlash against the Joined portion of their population. The Symbiosis Commission has reportedly been hiding the true extent of the Trill's ability to join with the Symbiont species which shares their world. There has been discussion of the Trill's withdraw from the Federation, though these are just rumors at the moment. Many were injured or killed in the riots as were many Symbionts... so many in fact that the Symbiosis Commission has put a halt to any further joinings until the Symbiont population is once again at a healthy level, a process is estimated to take several generations."

The Captain sat in his chair for a time, thinking about what he had just said, thinking about how it will affect at least two of his Senior Officers. He let the thought stay in his mind for a time as he finished his log.

"I have scheduled to meet with Commander Qech and Lieutenant Calodan to brief them on the situation. The Hartington will continue on course for our meeting with the Guardian and then resume its deep space assignment."

The computer recorded the sound of the door chimes before the Captain had a chance to end the log. The Captain's next words were very light as he stood up, his footfalls being recorded as well.

"Here they are... Computer, end log entry."
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