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Death and Rebirth

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Davynn Qech
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Graphics Chief

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:35 pm    Post subject: Death and Rebirth Reply with quote

The sounds of an over crowded infirmary pounded against her ears as Dr. Davynn Bethel fought furiously to stem the bleeding. She could hear overworked doctors and nurses calling out for equipment as another wave of patients were brought in. It may have seemed like a war zone in Sick Bay, but it was nothing compared to what was happening outside. An Officer's bad call had cost so many of these marines their lives, and Dr. Bethel was determined to save as many as she could.

The Trill medic's hands were covered in blood, but she still fought to close the soldier's wounds. Even as she felt the woman might actually have a chance of survival, Davynn's head nurse turned to her.

"Doctor, I've gone over the cranial scans as you asked. I think you need to see this..." The nurse, a fellow Trill, though much younger than Davynn, handed the CMO a medical PADD. She wore a look of deep concern, bordering helplessness. Similar feelings washed over Bethel as she read the data: Cranial Hemorrhaging. This woman, like so many others that day, was going to die. She was fighting, and even still conscious, but there was nothing the Doctor could do for her.

Wordlessly, she ran another scan over the woman's body, discovering, to her horror, that the stakes were even higher than she'd known.

"This woman is joined" she said, looking up at the nurse, who turned pale at the news. Both Trill understood what that meant. Unless they found some way to save it, the symbiont would die as well. As the Doctor rapidly ran through options in her mind, the dying marine turned her head to look up at her. There was desperation in her eyes, and she reached for the Doctor's hand.

"Please. Save the Symbiont." A tear rolled down the dying woman's cheek, and it was clear to Davynn that she knew her life was ending. Pulling together every bit of will she had for a compassionate smile, Davynn took her patient's hand. "What's your name?"

The woman's voice was weak, but she answered: "Ailis Qech."

Davynn looked Ailis in the eye, and granted the dying Trill one final promise; one she knew that she would have to keep, or die trying.

"I won't let the symbiont die, Ailis. I promise."

With a nod and a weakened smile, Ailis rested her head back against the exam table, a look of quiet resignation on her face. Her cheeks, still covered in dust from the battle that had cost her her life, were tear-streaked, but she was no longer crying, or even apparently afraid.

It was then that Davynn realized she was down to only two options, and she was one of them. Looking back to her head nurse, she said "Liza, have you had any training for symbiont joining?"

Liza looked positively horrified at the thought. "No. No, none. My parents are rabidly against joining, they would kill me if I came back with-"

"It's alright, Liza. I was only asking." She looked down at Ailis. She was facing her death with more grace than Davynn ever thought was possible, all because she knew the symbiont would not die with her. The Doctor took a deep breath, resigned to the decision she knew she had to make. She only hoped she could be half as strong as the woman she was succeeding.

"I'm about to put both our fates in your hands, Liza... I hope you're up to this..."
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