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Alterran Shuttle

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:49 pm    Post subject: Alterran Shuttle Reply with quote

Lenara sat at the engineering console on the ship that had been recovered when her stasis chamber was, her fingers poised on the console. She had spent much of her off time since the arrived at the station either working here or on her other project. With the station's resources, she had been sure she could get the ship functioning again. Now, as she watched the fusion reaction destabilize yet again, and the automatic safeties engage, she was forced to accept that the ship would never fly under it's own power again. While many of the ship's systems were in pristine condition, the reactor had suffered serious oxidation and deterioration. The core was designed to operate in a vacuum, but when the internal assembly had been removed to avoid the Borg from determining the secrets of the Alterran's power systems, the vacuum had been flooded with air, and they had failed to purge it. Two hundred years of deterioration had made it impossible to repair. The entire power core would have to be replaced, which would require stripping the ship down to the bare chassis.

She typed a few commands, shutting down all ships systems. As Lenara left the shuttle, she couldn't help but feeling frustrated. She had felt the ship would give her a small bit of home, even if she had never known what her home would be like. She walked over to a console, tapping out a command,

"Computer, list all Starfleet ship designs, experimental and production, that have the following warp field characteristics." She quickly typed out a series of equations and variables, her fingers a blur as the entered the information as fast as the computer could receive it.

"Processing, please stand by."

Lenara looked at the list of options, which was very short, for a moment. She tapped out several commands on the console, selecting the one design that met all of her requirements. It was a prototype design, that had made it to the second generation, or Mark II, stage. It's unique design history, use of non-starfleet technologies, and variable warp geometry made it a likely candidate for donor technology from the shuttle.

"Computer, transfer all available data and schematics on design Delta Mark II to the main console, Science Lab II." As the computer acknowledged the command, Lenara turned to the door, heading for the science lab. If at first you don't succeed, try again

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