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Captain's Log, Stardate 54258.5

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Captain David Brennon

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:11 pm    Post subject: Captain's Log, Stardate 54258.5 Reply with quote

Captain's Log, Stardate 54258.5

"We have spent the last month in the Julant Expanse, spending time with several of our new allies including the Pel and the Myosians. Doctors Kiv and Ortega, along with Commander Qech have recently returned from a medical symposium on Argous III while I have been allowed to indulge my interest in the social sciences by observing a humanoid culture known as the Eyoia.

"They are a fascinating people who seem to be on the verge of discovering warp drive. I've sent alerts to Alterran Station and forwarded a copy of my report to Command for further analysis. With any luck, we will be able to make first contact soon.

"During our months in the Gamma Quadrant, I've come to conclusion that while space is vast and the cultures varied... when it all comes down to it we're mostly the same."

There is a slight chuckle as the Captain pauses, the sound of his chair creaking as he shifts his weight echoes in the office as he continues.

"I suppose that I should have learned that a while ago, considering my speciality, but I'm just not truly understanding it. The Vulcan philosophy of Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations... Seeing these people, the Eyoia, taking their first tentative steps out into the sea of space... I just can't help but think of Doctor Cochran."

He stops speaking for several seconds, the computer barely picks up the sound of his breathing. Suddenly, a loud beep is heard and the feminine computer voice calls out.

"Do you wish to continue recording?"

With a sigh the Captain replies, "Yes. Hartington is resuming its course coreward. I have ordered all science divisions to continue active scans of surrounding space, but it seems that we are entering something of a null zone in terms of population. The Myosian Star Charts are very vague on this region, deep in the heart of what they consider their own territory... it's interesting to me, the mystery. What will we find? Why haven't they bothered to map it themselves? I suppose we'll find out. Computer, end log."
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