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A Letter From the Past (Karl Koester)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:01 pm    Post subject: A Letter From the Past (Karl Koester) Reply with quote

Karl Koester moved some items from his desk in his quarters. There was one thing he remembered from his basic infantry training: always improve your position.

It was after he moved a PADD out of the way that he saw a letter he'd written during the Dominion War.

He remembered the moment he composed the thing. Of the stark terror masked by the demeanor of a professional soldier. Of the very real fear that he'd never see Andi again. That their plans to be marry would be more than just put on hold.

He never dreamed that the reverse would be true as he read the words he'd composed almost three years and a lifetime ago in the same breath.

My Dear Andi:

If you're reading this then I've likely died in battle. Please don't mourn forever. Please live your life. Nothing would break my heart in whatever exists as an afterlife to know that you spent your remaining years in mourning.

I know nothing I write or say to you on the eve of this war can do anything to take away your grief. I know you're a strong woman and you'll get past my loss...

He couldn't go on reading it any longer. He had no idea when he wrote the letter that he would be the surviving one. That it would be him who would bear the nearly unbearable burden of losing her.

He remembered it was that pure and focused rage towards killing the Cardassians and Jem'Hadar anywhere he could find them. Fortunately on Dantana he didn't have to look far. His crosshairs were very much dreaded by Cardassians patrolling in the canyons and deserts of Dantana IV as he never missed a shot.

His choice of targets would always be random. One week he'd only kill the first Cardassian who would appear on the front of the patrol. Another week he'd shoot the second man in the column. A third week he might let them get secure. Thinking he'd succumbed to the naturally harsh environment of Dantana IV. And then he'd strike again.

It was during those moments that he wasn't stalking the loathsome vermin that he would remember.

He'd remember the blue-gray of Andi's eyes. How they seemed to sparkle whenever she'd see him.

He'd remember holding her in his arms as they both lay in bed. Of swearing he would do everything in his power to keep her safe.

He'd remember that the Cardassians killed her and that it was his duty to stay alive and kill them until he was unable to do so...[/i]
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