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Well, the right or the left or the middle.....

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:29 am    Post subject: Well, the right or the left or the middle..... Reply with quote

Uvek rolled out of bed and reached for the alarm clock. Despite the neuro-connectors in his new artificial arm, he was still unfamiliar with the lack of touch as a result of the prostethis. His stiff polymer fingers struck the chronograph before he realized it, and he knocked the clock off the bedside stand. He turned the hand over, looking at the nearly perfect hue of the fake skin. Hnaev, what a way to start the day, he thought.

It was 2 days after the surgery and the Romulan's mind had not fully grasped what had happened. He stood and moved deeper into his quarters, glancing around with his head throbbing. Why was his alarm set? He had no where to go. The sickbay had set a rigorous training program for him, largely at his insistence, but it didn't start for another 24 hours. He sat at his desk and reached out, fingering the nearly empty bottle of Rihannsu ale. A flash of pain shot up his arm and once again he found himself staring at the appendage, particularly the nearly non-existent line where it attached to his arm.

Uvek took stock. Since joining the Hartington he had been tortured, lost an eartip and now an arm. All in attempts to protect his former enemy. He shook his head and chuckled. What would Colonel Lovok say now? Many many lifetimes ago, Uvek swore allegiance to the Tal Shiar. His life was dedicated to exposing and destroying the Federation through their own technology. Now that technology was extending his career, a career supporting them! Fascinating.

No longer able to straddle the fence, eh Uvek? No longer hanging in the neutral side of life, allowing commanders to make decisions? Now your decisions affected commanders. He sighed a heavy sigh and flexed the fingers of his left hand, watching the digits respond to his will and wincing as they pinched nerves.

Right ear, left hand, what's next? He glanced down and smiled. The only thing left unaffected was in the middle. Let's hope nothing happens to the future Suran family. Unexpectedly he laughed. His laughter was loud and for some reason quickly changed to tears. The tears were for his arm, tears for Mavers, tears of joy that a pregnant woman would live to see her child if he had anything to do with it. What a strange and wonderful life thought the Federation Romulan officer. He poured the last of the ale into the sink, and lay back on his bed, willing himself to fall asleep again.

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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