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A personal test of honor...and memory

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:42 pm    Post subject: A personal test of honor...and memory Reply with quote

Uvek moved down through the ship. His goal was the holodeck, in his hand was his Teral'n. Despite the past few days of watching over the ship and seeing people and equipment return to normal, there was something wrong. Something was missing. Uvek had spent his time recovering his memories, placing thoughts in their order and ensuring that nothing critical was missing. Dr. T'Lau had given Uvek some new meditation techniques and he was using them to the fullest, among other pursuits.

His first realization that there were gaps came through the defensive skills. Some of his Tal Shiar training and knowledge was simply gone. Simple Katas now had the edge of serious effort to them. While overall he was still a formidable force in the hand-to-hand arts, Uvek was aware that he was going to have to rebuild some of the skills he had acquired over time. He approached the holodeck door, and double checked that the room was, indeed, reserved for him. It was blinking ready, and the Romulan entered somberly.

"Computer," he said. "Activate Uvek Kaa`hhz program, sequence 1." The computer chirped: "Uvek Kaa`hhz program, sequence 1 has primary safety protocols disengaged, as specified by the program creator. Recommend safety protocol re-engagement prior to program activation."

The Romulan shook his head, and gripped the handle of his Teral'n tighter still. "No, computer, activate program as written."

The scenery changed in a flash from the black-and-gold framework of the holodeck to a hot and steamy Romulan jungle. Something flashed just on the outside of Uvek's vision, to the right and cutting around behind him. The kaa 'hhz was fast, just as fast as Uvek remembered from his encounter on ch`Shrrh years before. He only hoped he would be equal to the task or the captain would have to consider replacing his shredded tactical officer, and washing the walls of the holodeck clean. Uvek thought he would spare him that burden and moved into the underbrush with grim determination.

He heard rustling on his left now, sweeping parallel. A flash of black and grey cut through the openings in the woodland and Uvek knew the Kaa was closing in. He needed room to fight. He cut right and spied a small opening in the trees. Moving through he cut some vines that hung in various tangled rows from the large white barked trees. As he entered the clearing he tied one end of a vine to his weapon, and then secured it to his wrist. The rest of the vines he tied into a noose, and then dropped the noose just inside the edge of the clearing itself.

He wasn't quite prepared when the Kaa 'hhz moved in. He heard a low growl, followed by air sweeping past. Pain burned into his body as the beast leapt past him and struck his back. He spun with his teral'n but was too slow. A moment later, he heard movement on the other side. As he turned, wincing from the fire of his striped back, he saw it clearly for the first time. It slunk into the clearing on all fours, claws extended, it's long whispy tail flicking, its wicked grin-like visage eyeing him hungrily. It was growling; a low, long roll of evil coming from its throat.

Uvek crouched, stepping closer to his noose and letting his teral'n slip down in his grip until he held it loosely by the handle, right near the vine knot. As he moved he noticed the tensing muscles of the black beast before him. It was coming. In a flash it seemed to disappear as it lept forward and the Romulan quarry moved with it. Diving and rolling Uvek avoided its attack, feeling rather than seeing it pass just over him. His hand connected with the noose, and as he landed he let the teral'n lash out around and behind him, extended by the vine in his hand.

No contact, but Uvek didn't care. It forced the Kaa to back up and Uvek was now on his feet and pulling the noose open. Now for the truly dangerous part. Standing fully erect Uvek dared the beast to attack. With a scream it took the challenge and flew into action. Even as Uvek fell backward the Kaa was on him. Claws dug into the hunter's chest and he cried out in pain. However, it was the mind that separated the man from the beast, and Uvek never lost his. In falling backward with the Kaa 'hhz on him, tearing at him with those iron claws, Uvek was able to bring up the noose, and sling it over the creature's neck. As his back hit the forest floor, Uvek brought his feet up under the animal's stomach, in between rear legs that were bracing the monster for a fatal attack.

He pushed up with all his vulcanoid strength, and threw the Kaa over his head and sending it crashing on the ground behind him. He spun onto his now bleeding stomach, and up onto his knees. The noose went tight as the Kaa 'hhz, all ready up and circling him, struggled against the band, and he yanked with all his remaining strength to tighten the vine into a death grip. His other hand now had a grip on his teral'n and he leaned backward, bringing up the razor tipped weapon just as the Kaa lept forward. It hit the Teral'n solidly, burying the iron tip into it's heart.

A moment later, Uvek pushed the dead monster off his pain-wracked body. He was breathing hard, cut in numerous places, but alive. Alive! He staggered to his feet and leaned hard on a tree, looking down at the dead Kaa 'hhz. "Computer," he said heavily, "End program."

As he left the holodeck, he tapped his combadge. "Lt. Uvek to Doctor T'Lau," he said, his voice heavy with the pain of his wounds. "I could use your services, please." He moved to sickbay fully pleased with himself.

Live a life of action...not reaction.
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